Article Link: In Baidoa, Somalis live at the epicenter of drought, hunger and conflict

by Jason Beaubien NPR News December 18, 2022

From NPR News by Jason Beaubien: In Baidoa, Somalis live at the epicenter of drought, hunger and conflict Displaced people in Somalia are facing increasing hunger after years of drought and war as aid agencies struggle to help....

OXFAM warns that current famine in Horn of Africa will kill a person every 36 seconds.

by OXFAM OXFAM International October 14, 2022

In a press release of October 14,  2022 Oxfam has sent a warning that from now until the end of the year, the current famine in the Horn of Africa will cause hunger related deaths equivalent to a rate of one person dying every 36 seconds. OXFAM reiterated  that this famine is worse than the fam...

Inter-Agency Standing Committee Says Famine Affecting 7.1 Million People Imminent in Somalia

by Irina Utkina FAO News and Media September 13, 2022

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), a United Nations forum which includes the International Committee of the Red Cross, issued a statement last week indicating that up to 7.1 Million people will be affected by famine in parts of Somalia. In a statement on September 5, 2022, the IASC indicat...

Niger and Sahel use Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration Increase Yields to Improve Food Security

by August 18, 2022

As described in this recent National Geographic article (see link below), farmers in Niger let cut trees regrow in their fields, leading to improved crop yields from retained soil moisture and fertilization by fallen leaves. Improved crop yields can improve food security. Over the past 35 years N...

Hunger in Niger

by WHES March 30, 2022

Niger is one of the countries within the Sahel region on the southern border of the great Sahara Desert in West Africa.  Niger rests directly north of Nigeria, and is home to over 24 million people.  As the country enters April which this year is the month of Ramadan, it is sobering to observe the...

SAHEL Will Need Help as Famine is Coming

by William Lambers NEWSWEEK Opinion March 1, 2022

In this Newsweek Opinion piece, William Lambers reports how 35 million people will have virtually no food to eat in the coming lean season....


by WHES IPCINFO November 28, 2021

This is a view of the most urgent hunger hotspots around the world. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) used by the United Nations and International Aid Agencies consists of five levels of severity for food insecurity as follows: 1. Minimal - Acceptable 2. Stressed - Alert 3. ...


Locusts Add to World Hunger in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia 2021

by November 15, 2021

Original Contribution by Sharmin Sultana Seeing a locust, one cannot imagine that a harmless member of the grasshopper family can become one of the world’s most devastating pests.  Yet, in 2020, within just a few months locust swarms destroyed more than 1.2 million hectares (ha) of cr...

Ethiopia’s Man-Made Famine

by Alex de Waal BBC World News June 11, 2021

Alex de Waal, well known author on humanitarian assistance in the Horn of Africa, explains why and how the current famine in Tigray region in Ethiopia has occurred. ...

Make it look good - How perception adjustment for local foods can impact malnutrition in Nigeria

by Dara Ajala-Damisa Nigeria Health Watch May 16, 2021

Increasing children's interest in eating local and traditional foods can increase their overall nutrition and health...

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