House and Senate pass Global Food Security Act

by Hunger Notes

Rostrum in House chamber.
Rostrum in House chamber. The House  voted on July 6 to pass the Global Food Security Act.  Photo: House of Representatives

The House and Senate passed the Global Food Security Act, with the House vote on July 6.  The vote was 359 in favor, 53 against, with 11 not voting.  See how your congressperson voted here.

The bill directs the President to establish a comprehensive strategy for the U.S. government to fight hunger and malnutrition, promote nutrition among pregnant women and newborns, and prioritize women smallholder farmers. It would also make permanent Feed the Future, the U.S. food and nutrition security program.  See a more extensive summary of the bill here.

The bill now goes to the President, who is expected to sign it.

Bread for the World was one of the grass-roots organizations that strongly supported the bill.