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World Hunger Education Service Associates and contributors, through their financial, moral, and intellectual support of WHES, make possible the activities of WHES, especially Hunger Notes. WHES is a registered nonprofit organization in existence since 1976. Your financial contributions are tax deductible. Associate contributions are $50 or more per year. WHES is also very grateful for smaller contributions.

Contributions may be made either to support the general operation of WHES or to support our Hunger Quiz. Support for the Hunger Quiz means that 100 percent of your contribution is used to support programs that reduce hunger and poverty abroad and in the United States.

Contributions to WHES Contributions help maintain the Hunger Notes website, support interns, and pay basic office expenses. The Hunger Notes website had more than 1,100,000 visitors in 2016 learning about world hunger and poverty. A significant part of your financial support is also used to make contributions to organizations working to reduce world hunger.

Donate online to WHES. Your donations are made through PayPal’s secure site.

Donate by check
Send your check to:
World Hunger Education Service
P.O. Box 29015
Washington, D.C. 20017
(Please write WHES in the ‘for’ line of your check.)
Contributions to the Hunger Quiz We have established a hunger quiz to help students and others learn more about hunger. See this at our hunger quiz page. To encourage students to take the hunger quiz, we promise to donate a small amount of money (2 to 10 cents) to an organization working to reduce hunger if they take the quiz. Your donations support this hunger quiz and go 100 percent to organizations working to reduce hunger. (For more information, see the list of organizations to which we have contributed in 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.)

Donate online. Your donations are made through PayPal’s secure site.

Donate by check. Please sent your check to
World Hunger Education Service
P.O. Box 29015
Washington, D.C. 20017
(Please write hunger quiz or hunger donation in the ‘for’ line of your check.)





  • In Memory of Thomas J. Marchione
  • In Memory of Martin McLaughlin
  • In Memory of Nell I. Melheim (Hunger Quiz)
  • In Memory of Ann Marie and Wayne
  • Larry Minear
  • Susan Munkner
  • In Memory of Patricia Young
  • Mount Zion Lutheran Church of Lucas,Ohio (Hunger Quiz)
  • Shama Patel
  • Joan Allen Peters
  • Kathy Pomroy
  • Evelyn Reyes Nunez (Hunger Quiz)
  • In Memory of Andrew Rice
  • Bev Rodgers
  • St. John Lutheran Women, St. John Lutheran Church of Greenville, OH (Hunger Quiz)
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Stendal, IN (Hunger Quiz)
  • William S. Samuel, III
  • Daniel E. Shaughnessy
  • In Memory of Katherine Sholtz (Hunger Quiz)
  • Debra Stahl
  • Stalcup Family Giving Fund
  • In Memory of Nancy Stouffer (Hunger Quiz)
  • Charles G. Taylor Elementary School of Foxboro, Mass. (Hunger Quiz)
  • In Memory of Lois Vanderhoof
  • Lane Vanderslice & Paula Smith-Vanderslice
  • Lane Winter Vanderslice
  • Linda Vanderslice
  • Alice Willard
  • Chuck Woolery
  • Linda Worthington