Philippines El Niño task force to prioritize water, food security

by Czeriza Valencia The Philippine Star April 1, 2019

The Philippines Department of Agriculture reported the damage to the agricultural sector has reached P4.35 billion from 149,494 hectares affecting 138,859 farmers and fisherfolk nationwide....

Impact of a National Early Childhood Development Program on Schooling Attainment

by Arindam Nandi & Ramanan Laxminarayan The Center For Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy March 7, 2019

 India is home to an estimated 114 million children under the age of five years – the largest population of this age group in the world. Undernutrition is common; thirty percent of all children and 45 percent of adolescent girls a...

North Korea warns of food crisis, slashes rations before next leaders’ summit

by Michelle Nichols Reuters February 25, 2019

North Korea has warned that it is facing a food shortfall of some 1.4 million tons in 2019 and has been forced to almost halve rations, blaming high temperatures, drought, floods and United Nations sanctions in a memo seen by Reuters on Thursday....

Photo by Clint Adair | Unsplash

How Blockchain Can Be Used to Address Food Security in India

by Javaid Sofi MAHB December 23, 2018

Every night, 200 million people in India go to sleep with hungry stomachs. Ranked 105th on the 2018 hunger index, India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world. These grim statistics are counter intuitive in light of India’s s...

Photo: a boy holding a goat [courtesy FAO]

Nearly six thousand Afghan farming families severely affected by drought targeted for emergency assistance

by Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations December 17, 2018

With the approval of the Government of Afghanistan, the Republic of Korea and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have joined forces to provide emergency assistance to some 5 800 drought-affected vulnerable farming fam...

Photo: Handful of rice [courtesy]

Hunger risk for tamariki

by Waatea News December 10, 2018

In New Zealand, one in five children are at risk of going hungry, with Māori around twice as likely as non-Māori to live in food insecure households....