World Hunger News June 19 to July 2, 2008


The articles below were published in Hunger Notes between June 19 and July 2, 2008 and are now on the Hunger Notes front page,

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Harsh grip of famine threatens millions in Ethiopia and Somalia
'Big Mugabe win' in Zimbabwe election. Zimbabweans told they must vote in runoff.  Tsvangirai quits Zimbabwe presidential election runoff--"We cannot ask them to cast their vote, when that vote could cost them their lives."  Raped for opposing Mugabe.

US wheat begins new aid to North Korea, with greater monitoring
Farmer-turned-activist plants seeds of reform in China

Climate change likely to trigger global destabilization, US intelligence report says
Hoarding nations drive food costs ever higher
Biofuel use increasing poverty, Oxfam report says
Conflict with farmers takes toll on Argentina. Farmers lead major protests against increased agricultural export tax, designed to increase government revenue and keep more agricultural products in Argentina, but which also decreases farmers' income.

Latin America
Peru's copper mountain in Chinese hands

United States
McCain, Obama clash over immigration. Border fence challenge rebuffed by Supreme Court. Federal prosecution of illegal immigrants soars.
Bush signs $162 billion war spending bill. Occupation plan for Iraq faulted in Army review. US funding to Pakistan plagued with problems, GAO report says. Government study criticizes Bush administration's measures of progress in Iraq.

The principles of food security Yash Tandon South Centre

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