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World Hunger News July 5 to August 5, 2010

The articles below were published in Hunger Notes between July 5,  2010 and August 5, 2010 and are now on the Hunger Notes front page, www.worldhunger.org.

United States
Judge blocks key portions of Arizona's immigration law, including the sections that called for police to check a personís immigration status while enforcing other laws  Randal C. Archibold New York Times July 28, 2010  Deportation of illegal immigrants increases under Obama administration Peter Slevin Washington Post Immigrant sanctuaries rouse opponents' anger David G. Savage Los Angeles Times
Battle looms on tax breaks for rich as Bush-era tax cuts set to expire Lori Montgomery Washington Post
The cautionary case of Shirley Sherrod: her remarks to the NAACP, edited by a conservative blogger and as edited picked up by conservative and other media as racist, leading to her immediate dismissal by the US government (as not wanting to be viewed as racist, perhaps especially not black over white racist), turn out to be not only not racist, but of use to us all Karen Tumulty and Ed O'Keefe Washington Post The message of Shirley Sherrod: race isn't the problem, the economic and political inequality that results in poverty for many is Michelle Singletary Washington Post
A hidden world, growing beyond control Dana Priest and William M. Arkin Washington Post
For longtime jobless, no more help in sight Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post
Five myths about America's homeless Dennis Culhane Washington Post

Military junta rules Zimbabwe for its own gain, with Mugabe little more than a front man, says MDC's Bennett  BBC News International body overseeing trade in 'blood diamonds' agrees to limited exports from new diamond fields in Zimbabwe BBC News
Bushmen lose right to reopen vital waterhole in the center of the Kalahari desert BBC News
Progress has been made in treating malnutrition in Sahelian children, including ready-to-eat foods and big shift to outpatient treatment  IRIN News July 21, 2010 Call for more aid as 10 million face hunger in the Sahel--most are in Niger IRIN News

Pakistan floods: Rescuers aim to reach stranded victims BBC News
Bangladesh: Unemployment, food prices, high population growth spur growing hunger IRIN
Bangladesh, with low pay, moves in on China Vikas Bajaj New York Times
North Korea's giant leap backwards: Last year's disastrous currency reform wiped out savings and caused healthcare to collapse--now many fear another famine  Barbara Demick The Guardian
Indonesia: Demand for palm oil fuels land-grabbing IRIN

World Bank warns on farmland grab: Foreign investors target countries with weak laws, buying arable land on the cheap and failing to deliver on promises of jobs and investments Javier Blas Financial Times July 27, 2010
La Via Campesina issues call to action to stop development and commercialization of 'terminator' seeds  La Via Campesina

Mauritius: How a small island in the Indian ocean became the largest investor in India Khadija Sharife Pambazuka News
Its time to end the excessive subsidies ($1.78 a gallon) for corn ethanol Washington Post
Market-led development aid for Africa: good for business, bad for farmers Richard Jonasse Food First
Obama's overdue AIDS bill  Desmond Tutu New York Times
Washington still has problems with democracy in Latin America Mark Weisbrot Center for Economic and Policy Research
Violence in South Africa against immigrants is caused by very poor South Africans facing great competition from very poor immigrants, not xenophobia  Glenn Ashton Pambazuka News

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