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 Nutrition, Health and  Population 2004

No drop in world hunger deaths: A child still dies of hunger every five seconds BBC News December 8, 2004

Childhood is a brutal experience for half of world's children, UNICEF says: Crucial years destroyed by poverty, conflict, and AIDS UNICEF December 11, 2004 

Number of Women Living with HIV Increases in Each Region of the World UNAIDS and WHO November 23, 2004

Great Expectations: Six Mothers-to-be Living in Different Countries Share Their Experiences of Pregnancy and Childbirth  Damiana, Samah, Hiwot, Renu, Bounlid and Claire share their stories from different parts of the world: Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Photos: WHO

World Falling Short on Promise To Reduce Child Deaths; With Goal of Two-Thirds Reduction 98 Countries Are Off the Mark UNICEF October 7, 2004  UNICEF Calls For Coalition of Powerful To Provide Worldwide Vaccine Access  UNICEF October 11, 2004

Photo: AP

Nigeria has the highest rates of polio in the world.

UN Launches Key Anti-polio Push  BBC News October 8, 2004 (You will leave this site.)

Billions Struggle Without Clean Water or Basic Sanitation  World Health Organization and UNICEF August 26, 2002

Girl being vaccinated against polio on the Chad-Sudan border

Photo: AP

The World Health Organization estimates that it will have helped countries vaccinate 74 million children in Africa next year in order to prevent polio worldwide. 

Africa Faces New Polio Threat  BBC News August 26, 2002 Polio Epidemic Warning for Africa  BBC June 22, 2004 (You will leave this site.)

Billions Struggle Without Clean Water or Basic Sanitation World Health Organization and UNICEF August 26, 2002

Malnutrition is the Underlying Cause of More Than Half of All Child Deaths--Better Diet Would Save Millions  BBC  June 17, 2004

The Challenge of Hunger and Malnutrition--Experts Propose Four Specific Responses  Jere R Behrman, Harold Alderman and John Hoddinott June 3, 2004

Little Attention Given To the Role of Food in Combating AIDS and Chronic Hunger, World Food Programme Director Says  May 29, 2004

Biotechnology: Meeting the Needs of the Poor?   Food and Agriculture Organization, May 17, 2004  Links also to article in Spanish and in French/en Espanol/en Francais and in Arabic.

Ugandans Turn to Candor in Fight Against AIDS Emily Wax Washington Post, February 19, 2004. (You will leave this site and be required to register [once] with the Post.)

Brazil Points to Way Ahead in AIDS Battle Mark Ashurst BBC, January 7, 2004

'Sugar Daddies' Ask for Sex with Young Women in Exchange for Money, Fueling HIV Spread in Uganda BBC January 6, 2004

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Map legend shows percentages of adult population. For further explanation, see Trends in HIV/AIDS as of End of 2001 Worldwide.


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