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2004 Editorials and Letters


From Partition to Re-Unification: The 120th Anniversary of the Partition of Africa by European Powers Rotimi Sankore December 19, 2004

United States Children Left Behind  Washington Post (Editorial) November 19, 2004 (You will leave this site and be required to register [once] with the Post.)

We Need Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World United Nations Development Program  (July 16, 2004)

Fifty Years of International Food Aid – Time To Change? Daniel E. Shaughnessy (July 10, 2004)

World Refugee Day June 20: A Time to Celebrate?  James Milner June 19, 2004

Darfur: Genocide in Africa Again--Ten Years After Rwanda Eva Dadrian (April 22, 2004)

Thoughts on Attending the 31st  Session of the Standing Committee on Nutrition  Lane Vanderslice April 2, 2004

Hunger Notes Urges Its Readers to Join RESULTS Mabel Ng February 29, 2004

New Year's Resolutions--For Our Readers!--On Helping Hungry People  January 25, 2004

USAID's Development Education Program Is Not True Education About Development

USAID has recently released a request for applications (RFA) for development education in the United States that Hunger Notes finds seriously lacking. The RFA is not oriented to true education about development, and appears to be in violation of the legislation authorizing the program—the “Biden-Pell” legislation. The call for proposals can be viewed at  http://www.fedgrants.gov/Applicants/AID/OP/WAS/M-OP-REG-ALPS-DEP-04-01/listing.html. USAID will provide approval for the one project to be undertaken, the $1,000,000 funding for the project, and supervision of implementation and results.

In Hunger Notes' judgment, there are many things wrong with this proposal—five to be exact. We begin with the two principal ones first. More

The Unmentioned AIDS Policy Washington Post, January 22, 2004


Letters to the Editor

Note: When publishing letters sent to us, Hunger Notes typically does not publish full names of those writing letters in order to protect the privacy of those writing. If you wish that your full name be used, please let us know.

How Many Children are Hungry in the United States? A Reader Asks   Hunger Notes December 29, 2004

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