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Learn More About Hunger

While the entire Hunger Notes website is devoted to helping our readers learn more about hunger and poverty, this department focuses specifically on learning resources of various types.  

Hunger and poverty facts  Brief fact sheets on hunger worldwide and in the United States.
      World hunger and poverty facts
      United States hunger and poverty facts
      Africa hunger and poverty facts
      Asia hunger facts
      World child hunger
      Women and hunger
      Hunger and nutrition
      Harmful economic systems as a cause of hunger and poverty
       (Also see Harmful economic systems in action)

Hunger quizzes  Information and questions on key hunger issues, such as how many people are hungry and what does long-term hunger feel like. [When you take one of these quizzes, Hunger Notes makes a small donation ($.10 to $.02) to anti-hunger organizations.  As many people take the quizzes, the donations add up.]
     What does long term hunger feel like?
     Understanding key definitions for hunger
     How many people are hungry in the world?
     Hunger in India (view a video)
     How many people are very food insecure in the United States?

Hunger Notes special reports There are key issues affecting poor people. Hunger Notes has tried to follow several of the most important:
     Food as a human right (2009)
     The world food and hunger crisis (2012 and previous years)
     The environment and hunger
     Trade, hunger and poverty
     Development assistance
     Conflict and hunger ( A 2000 report still of interest)

Hunger pictures and stories
     World hunger pictures and stories  Stories that tell something about the life of hungry and poor people, with accompanying pictures. 
     US hunger pictures and stories Stories that tell something about the life of poor and often hungry people in the United States, with accompanying pictures.

Hunger Posters
Material that can be downloaded and printed.
    Don't be blind, world hunger exists [eye]  designed by Kamaron Owens, Virginia Commonwealth University (PDF file)
    Don't be blind, world hunger exists [eyechart] designed by Kamaron Owens, Virginia Commonwealth University (PDF file)
    Children and Hunger (HTML 8.5 x 14) Children and Hunger (MS Word 8.5 x 14)

Links to other websites  HN has tried to select the best websites that can tell you more about developing countries and the forces that determine why people are hungry and poor. 

Hunger Notes 40th Anniversary Reader  A collection of articles and issues from the 40 years that Hunger Notes has been published.

Hunger Notes archives Publication of past issues of Hunger Notes. [Not yet completed.]  Many articles are as relevant today as the day they were written.

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