Congress passes trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama

by Zachary A. Goldfarm and Lori Montgomery Washington Post October 12, 2011

Congress resoundingly approved long-stalled trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama late Wednesday, authorizing the most significant expansion of trade relations in nearly two decades....

Feeding nine billion people in a sustainable way will be one of the greatest challenges our civilization has ever faced, new report says

by Justin Gillis New York Times October 12, 2011

Trying to tap into the best thinking about the future of global agriculture, as I have tried to do in my work as a reporter, can be an exercise in frustration. Many groups and many bright people go at the problem, but not many of them go at it in a holistic way....

Photo: Washington Post

Mexican drug cartels reach into tiny Belize

by Nick Miroff Washington Post October 11, 2011

BELIZE CITY, Belize — The sleepy port towns, mangrove swamps and jungle airstrips of poorly defended, tiny Belize are becoming prime gateways for drug trafficking as Mexico’s billionaire mafias carve out new smuggling routes through Central America. ...

New edition of FAO publication fails to estimate number of hungry people

by Justin Gillis New York Times October 10, 2011

Another new report has just become available on the subject of world hunger, and it may frustrate some readers. The new edition of State of Food Insecurity in the World, an annual report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, does not actually estimate the number of hungry...

Photo: Joao Pina/New York Times

Daughter of ‘dirty war,’ raised by man who killed her parents

by Alexi Barrionuevo New York Times October 8, 2011

BUENOS AIRES — Victoria Montenegro recalls a childhood filled with chilling dinnertime discussions. Lt. Col. Hernán Tetzlaff, the head of the family, would recount military operations he had taken part in where “subversives” had been tortured or killed. The discussions often ended with his ...

With the death of forests, a loss of key climate protectors

by Justin Gillis New York Times October 1, 2011

WISE RIVER, Mont. — The trees spanning many of the mountainsides of western Montana glow an earthy red, like a broadleaf forest at the beginning of autumn....

Austerity measures risk irreversible impact on children, Unicef warns. UN children’s fund challenges pledges by IMF and World Bank to safeguard ...

by Larry Elliot September 25, 2011

Pledges by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to safeguard poor people from the worst of the global downturn are being challenged by the United Nations, which is warning of the "extraordinary price" being paid by children and other vulnerable groups as mass austerity programmes sweep...

Photo: Manocher Degahti/IRIN

Corn and wheat prices are set to go up, FAO says

by IRIN News September 8, 2011

The cost of maize meal, a staple in many African countries, is set to go up, and wheat prices are heading in the same direction, according to the latest Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) global price update....

Scientists call for an end to deep-sea fishing; fish stocks dangerously depleted

by Juliet Eilperin Washington Post September 6, 2011

Industrial fishing in the deep sea should be banned because it has depleted fish stocks that take longer to recover than other species, according to a paper to be released this week by an international team of marine scientists....

Global land grab: Foreign investors are scooping up vast tracts of farmland in some of the world’s hungriest countries to grow crops for export

by Terry J. Allen Truthout August 26, 2011

A 21st-century land rush is on. Driven by fear and lured by promises of high profits, foreign investors are scooping up vast tracts of farmland in some of the world’s hungriest countries to grow crops for export....

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