A candlelight gathering after the cremation on Sunday blocked a road in New Delhi, the city where the Dec. 16 rape occurred. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Indian women march: “That girl could have been any one of us”

by Heather Timmons and Sruthi Gottipati New York Times December 28, 2012

NEW DELHI — Neha Kaul Mehra says she was only 7 years old the first time she was sexually harassed. She was walking to a dance class in an affluent neighborhood of New Delhi when a man confronted her and began openly masturbating....

Children of China’s ‘Immortals’ are new capitalist elite

by Bloomberg News Washington Post December 26, 2012

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Indian schoochildren receive a free midday meal at a government school in Jammau.  Photo: Washington Post

India wakes up to child malnutrition ‘shame,’ begins to make progress

by Simon Denyer Washington Post December 26, 2012

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Getting polio campaigns back on track (analysis)

by Donald G McNeil Jr New York Times December 24, 2012

How in the world did something as innocuous as the sugary pink polio vaccine turn into a flash point between Islamic militants and Western “crusaders,” flaring into a confrontation so ugly that teenage girls — whose only “offense” is that they are protecting children — are gunned down in...

Dangers on the streets of India, shape lives, stifle dreams of country’s young women

by Associated Press Washington Post December 20, 2012

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How real are Myanmar’s reforms?

by IRIN News December 19, 2012

The visit of US President Barack Obama to Myanmar on 19 November has renewed international interest in the country’s democratic reforms, but also skepticism about their impact on the lives of ordinary Burmese....

Pakistan polio drive suspended after 8 health workers killed by extremists (video)

by BBC News December 19, 2012

The UN has suspended its polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan following more attacks on health workers involved in the programme....

Five reasons malnutrition still kills in Nepal

by IRIN News December 14, 2012

Levels of wasting - acute malnutrition, or low weight-to-height ratio - hardly changed from 2006 to 2011, according to the Nepal Demographic and Health Survey 2011 (DHS)....

Opposition to labor camps widens in China

by Andrew Jacobs New York Times December 14, 2012

BEIJING — It is hard to say exactly which “subversive” sentiments drew the police to Ren Jianyu, who posted them on his microblog last year, although “down with dictatorship” and “long live democracy” stand out....

A man at the Yamuna River, an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Filthy standing water abounds in New Delhi. Photo:Enrico Fabian/New York Times

As dengue fever sweeps India, a slow response stirs experts’ fears

by Gardiner Harris New York Times November 6, 2012

NEW DELHI — An epidemic of dengue fever in India is fostering a growing sense of alarm even as government officials here have publicly refused to acknowledge the scope of a problem that experts say is threatening hundreds of millions of people, not just in India but around the world....

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