Global issues: development assistance, humanitarian aid, military aid, debt forgiveness, and control of international institutions such as the World Bank

This section of Hunger Notes includes

  • Development assistance
  • Humanitarian assistance including food aid
  • Military aid and other elements of developed country influence and the political interests and issues behind them. This section will include ways in which developed countries try to influence the political and economic outcome of developing countries. This will include military ‘aid’ which, like development ‘assistance’ is not just aid in an altruistic sense, but typically involves self interest, possibly to a very high degree, on the part of the donor nation. It will also include use of other aspects such as legal structures, public opinion, and a significant level of control of international institutions. This section will also include developing country reaction to developed country efforts. It will not include the world trading structure which is covered in another Hunger Notes section, Global issues: trade, hunger and poverty.

Development Assistance

india_corn_dryingHarvested corn drying on a rooftop in Himachal Pradesh, India. Efforts at ending hunger are now focusing on reducing poverty rather than increasing production. Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT

A road map for eradicating world hunger Beth Gardiner New York Times June 24, 2015

myanmar_farmersWomen farmers in Myanmar. In rural areas, pro-poor investments should support family farmers and other small-holders in a variety of ways. Photo: FAO

An additional $160 per year for each person living in extreme poverty over a 15 year period will end chronic hunger, new UN estimates show Food and Agriculture Organization July 10, 2015

UN: 15-year push ends extreme poverty for a billion people. Ban Ki-moon hails achievements of millennium development goals but warns world still riven by inequality Sam Jones The Guardian July 6, 2015 What progress has been made on each of the millennium development goals? Achilleas Galatsidas The Guardian July 6, 2015

A new UN body to combat global malnutrition? Elena L. Pasquini Devex October 14, 2014

Humanitarian assistance including food aid


60 million people have been forced to flee war UNHCR December 18, 2015

Evidence on corruption and humanitarian aid Paul Harvey CHS Alliance December 2, 2015

U.S. food aid: Charity begins at home. More than 60 years after the U.S. Food for Peace program was launched, vested interests continue to hinder reforms to allow for more local sourcing of food aid. IRIN News July 30, 2015

Starvation as a product of war Nicholas Kristof New York Times July 23, 2015

The worst atrocity you have never heard of(video)Nicholas Kristof and Adam B. EllickNew York Times July 13, 2015
Mapped: A world at war IRIN News July 30, 2015

The flight of refugees around the globe Sergio Peçanha and Tim Wallace New York Times June 30, 2015

Spread of global conflict transforming humanitarian work, says Red Cross chiefSam JonesThe Guardian July 8, 2015

Regime change for humanitarian aid: How to make relief more accountable Michael Barnett and Peter Walker Foreign Affairs July/August 2015

syria_refugees_in_iraqThis is the Domiz camp in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region. 1.6 million refugees living in countries nearby Syria had the per-capita ­ration allowance cut from $27 to $19 a month in December, and the amount will be reduced to $13.50 a month soon — half the calculated minimum that the refugees need to survive. Photo: IRIN News

UN slashes food aid to Syrian refugees Liz Sly Washington Post July 1, 2015

The humanitarian economy: Where is all the money going? Christian Els and Nils Carstensen IRIN News July 1, 2015

Funding of local and national humanitarian actors Christian Els and Nils Carstensen Local to Global Protection May 2015 (16 p. PDF)

Aid agencies pour into Nepal – and then what? Kristy Siegfried IRIN News April 29, 2015

Does community-driven aid need a makeover?Obinna Anyadike IRIN News April 27, 2015

What refugees really think of aid agencies Louise Redvers IRIN News March 5, 2015

UN says there is unprecented demand for food aid Associated Press Washington Post September 23, 2014

The future of food aid Jaspreet Kindra IRIN News July 26, 2013

Military aid and other elements of developed country influence and the political interests and issues behind them

Pentagon set to open second drone base in Niger as it expands operations in Africa Craig Whitlock Washington Post September 1, 2014

Military footprints in the Sahara (graphic) Washington Post September 1, 2014

U.S. carries out counter-terrorism strike in Somalia Craig Whitlock Washington Post September 1, 2014

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