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The wealthy have nearly healed from recession. The poor haven’t even started.

by Jim Tankersly Washington Post August 21, 2016

The Great Recession and the subsequent recovery from it have deepened the wedge between the very wealthy and everyone else in America, plunging the poor deeper into debt and wiping out two-fifths of the wealth held by families in the heart of the middle class. The wealthiest Americans, meanwhile, ap...

Hillary Clinton in Des Moines on Wednesday. She is scheduled to speak about her economic plans on Thursday near Detroit. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times
Hillary Clinton in Des Moines on August 10. Photo: Sam Hodgson/The New York Times 

The millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton barely mention: the poor

by Binyamin Appelbaum New York Times August 13, 2016

The United States, the wealthiest nation on Earth, also abides the deepest poverty of any developed nation, but you would not know it by listening to ...

As November approaches, courts deal a series of blows to voter ID laws

by Camila Domonoske National Public Radio August 11, 2016

All summer long, the clock has been ticking on voting rights cases.  And the past two weeks, in particular, have been eventful: Five courts in five states ruled against voter ID and proof-of-citizenship laws....

A prairie strip filled with black-eyed Susans lies next to soybeans on Smith's farm. Photo: Andrew Dickinson/The Washington Post
A prairie strip filled with black-eyed Susans lies next to soybeans on Smith’s farm.   Most farmers say the Midwestern prairie chokes crops. But, according to Iowa State University researchers, the wild thicket protects soil from erosion and serves as habitat for hundreds of species, including the threatened Monarch butterfly. Photo: ©Andrew Dickinson/The Washington Post

Iowa farmers ripped out prairie; now some hope it can save them

by Daryl Fears Washington Post August 9, 2016

There’s a wild presence in Tim Smith’s corn and soybean field that most farmers kill on sight. He stopped at the edge of a Midwestern prairie, a thicket of tall flowers and grasses more frightening to farmers than any horror movie madman lurking in a barn with a chain saw....

Groceries. Photo: David Mulder
Groceries subject to spoilage.  Photo: ©© David Mulder

America wastes $160 billion in food every year but is too busy to stop

by Amrith Ramkumar Bloomberg July 27, 2016

The good news? At least half of us know it’s a problem....

Photo: Mississippi Department of Human Services
Photo: Mississippi Department of Human Services

After 20 years, TANF provides little to poor families

by Ife Floyd Center on Budget and Policy Priorities July 23, 2016

Twenty years after Temporary Assistance for Needy Families’ (TANF) inception, few poor families actually receive cash assistance under it and, for those who do,...

President Obama. Photo: ©Reuters
Photo: ©Reuters

Obama will ensure his global development policy outlasts his presidency

by Juliet Eilperin Washington Post July 21, 2016

President Obama signed legislation Wednesday that will ensure one of his hallmark development policies — leveraging private-sector support to advance agricultural operations in Africa — lasts beyond his time in office....

Rostrum in House chamber.
Rostrum in House chamber. The House  voted on July 6 to pass the Global Food Security Act.  Photo: House of Representatives

House and Senate pass Global Food Security Act

by Hunger Notes July 6, 2016

The House and Senate passed the Global Food Security Act, with the House vote on July 6.  The vote was 359 in favor, 53 against, with 11 not voting.  See how your congressperson voted here. The bill directs the President ...

Looking north-northwest at the Fisher Place farm (part of the Evanson family farm) in McKenzie County, North Dakota, east of Arnegard and west of Watford City. Photo: ©©Tim Evanson
Looking north-northwest at the Fisher Place farm (part of the Evanson family farm) in McKenzie County, North Dakota, east of Arnegard and west of Watford City. Photo: ©©Tim Evanson

North Dakota voters side with family farms and continue 84-year-old ban on corporate ownership

by Alex McLeese In These Times July 6, 2016

North Dakota voters have rejected a measure that would have permitted corporations to own and to operate dairy and pork farms of up to 640 acres.  75.7 percent of voters were opposed. North Dakota is one of only nine states that prohibit or limit corporate farming....

comparing food insecure seniors to food secure seniors. Table: Society of St. Andrew
Differences in health outcomes when comparing food insecure seniors to food secure seniors.  Table: Society of St. Andrew

Hunger’s devastating effect on our seniors

by Jean Blish Siers Society of St. Andrew June 15, 2016

A couple years ago, I visited a soup kitchen where one of my drivers delivers a lot of produce. Sandy, the kitchen manager, told me how much the fresh produce meant to them and to the neighbors they serve. It’s within walking distance of low-income senior housing and a lot of older folks stop in e...

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