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Most Recent

October 18, 2017
Photo: Mujahid Safodien/IRIN


Africa Key to Feeding Nine Billion People By 2050, Says AfDB

by Clara Nwachukwu All Africa

President of African Development Bank (AfDB) and 2017 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, says Africa holds the key to eradicating hunger and feeding nine billion people globally by 2050....

October 16, 2017


Can We End World Hunger by 2030?

by Brookings Institution: Geoffrey Gertz, Homi Kharas, John McArthur, and Lorenz Noe Brookings Institution

The world is off track to meet its own goal of ending hunger by 2030, and it’s not clear if anyone in power will ever be held accountable for the shortfall. Just over two years ago, the international community committed to ending hunger as the se...

October 14, 2017

Agriculture & Nutrition

Hunger Fighters Interview: Jessica McClard

by Hunger Notes

Hunger Fighters Interview: Jessica McClard This is part of a series we are doing about real people who are working to fight hunger and poverty around the world. Biographic Snapshot: Jessica McClard is...

October 13, 2017
A group of women at the entrance to the displaced people’s settlement of Muna Garage on the outskirts of Maiduguri in Nigeria. [Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam]


Five women on the front lines of the fight against hunger

by Oxfam Oxfam

Oxfam profiles five women who are fighting hunger...

October 11, 2017
The FAO said tackling rising obesity, a form of malnutrition, in the region is a main concern. [Photo: Reuters]


Hunger and Obesity on the Rise in Latin America, UN Food Body Warns

by teleSUR teleSUR

“Nowadays, it is easy to find homes with one malnourished child and an overweight mother, or a chronically malnourished and overweight child or one with a vitamin and mineral deficiency”...

October 9, 2017
Photo credit Kayla Gahagan, Yes! Magazine

United States

For a Tribe With a Tradition of Sharing, Food Sovereignty Is Complicated Economics

by Kayla Gahagan Yes! Magazine

South Dakota’s Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal members would rather share their food than sell it. But that gets in the way of building a local cash economy....

October 9, 2017
Photo: Greg Stegall and Military Share in 2016 [Jim T. Ryan, Perry County Times]

United States

Why so many veterans go hungry — and VA’s new plan to fix it

by Caitlin Dewey Washington Post

A first-of-its-kind program of the Department of Veterans Affairs will screen all vets who visit its health-care facilities for hunger, asking them whether they've struggled to afford food in the past three months. Many veterans are reluctant to reac...

October 7, 2017
Chicken Inn, a KFC competitor, in the Accra Mall. A sharp increase in obesity has accompanied an embrace of Western foods in the country.(Photo: Ashley Gilbertson/ The New York Times)


Obesity Was Rising as Ghana Embraced Fast Food. Then Came KFC.

by Dionne Searcey and Matt Richtel The New York Times

The growing popularity of fried chicken and pizza in parts of Africaunderscores how fast food is changing habits and expanding waistlines....

October 6, 2017
Photo: Haitian agriculture was devastated by Hurricane Irma [Food Tank]


Hurricane Irma Devastated Already Vulnerable Agriculture in Haiti

by Rocco Pallin Food Tank

Hurricane Irma brought severe damage to the Caribbean in early September, destroying buildings, homes, roads, and threatening livelihoods before moving north towards the Florida Keys....

October 4, 2017
“There’s more mouths to feed, but there’s less land with which to feed them.” [Photo: valio84sl/iStock]


How Climate Change Is Making Hunger Worse Around The World

by Eillie Anzilotti Fast Company

The annual Global Food Security Index is now tracking a country’s natural resource supply, and its resiliency in the event of a major natural disaster. The conclusion: climate change is making it harder to feed people....



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